Happy New Year! The field of web design is always changing with a number of tools, workflows, and best practices and this year also many new design trends are looming large on the horizon.

Albeit it is tough to predict which trend may draw the biggest attention however here we have come up with the hottest trends that has gained attention in 2015 and will likely to continue in 2016 as well

Sketch App for UI Design: Get the fact aligned now – sketch is now quickly replacing the Photoshop for all UI design tasks. Yes; it ranges from low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity mockups & icon design. For the uninitiated; Sketch App stands as the Mac-only application which has gained attention amongst the mobile and web designers. It offers a rather smooth environment for crafting the vector elements of any interface

Browser-Based IDEs: Over the past few years a dramatic rise in browser based IDEs has been noticed and the trend will likely to continue in 2016 as well. Typically the Browser-Based IDEs do not require any software other than a web browser. Since it is cloud based, it allows developers to write code from any computer

Free Sass/SCSS Mixins: Look up and around and you will be pretty much overwhelmed noticing that nowadays it seems of not any use to write vanilla CSS when Sass/SCSS can provide so much more. Basically simple mixins are like code snippets that helps in generating repeatable code in CSS.

Card Layouts: Website card layouts were popularized by Pinterest for the first time. The card layout is best suited for pages that may have lots of scannable data.

Live Product Previews: Lading page design stands as a common trend nowadays however a more recent growing trend is the addition of live product previews right on the custom landing pages.

Native JS Mobile Apps: Yes; we are the big advocate of using the right tools for the right job in order to come up with the right effect. This means in the case of mobile app development we are keener on Java for Android, Objective-C/Swift for iOS. However it is also a fact that  not everyone wants to learn a new language just to build a mobile app. This is where the nativescript ios has been playing the part. Although the creation process somewhat varies however JS is quickly becoming a solution for coders who are interested in building mobile apps without learning a new language.

Responsive Frontend Frameworks: As things stand now the whole process of responsive design has forced its way into frameworks. This has also created a demand for frontend code instead of just backend.

Time to design a stunning website!



Hottest Web design trend for 2016