Change is the law of nature. So we see in the fashion world, Skirt lengths change. They rise and fall. Even in personal sphere ties get fatter, then thinner. In the technological world as well change occurs. However in the world of technology science, math, accuracy and precision stay and in fact rule over fad.

Please do not get me wrong. By no way I wanted to convey that programming is a profession devoid of trends. But what I intended to mean here is simple – programming trends are driven by greater efficiency, increased customization, and ease-of-use.

Let us take a closer look at some red hot programing trends and also at some other trends that are going cold.

Hot: Preprocessors

Cold: Full language stacks

These days’ programmers are more interested to write a preprocessor, which translates the new code into something old with a rich set of libraries and APIs.


Hot: JavaScript MV* frameworks

Cold: JavaScript files

These days HTML AJAX apps are so sophisticated that hardly people are interested to start from the scratch. It’s simpler to adopt an elaborate framework.


Hot: CSS frameworks

Cold:  Generic Cascading Style Sheets

Nowadays CSS frameworks like SASS has found solid footing. CSS frameworks encourage stable coding by providing the programmers the real variables, nesting blocks, and mix-ins. It might not sound something very new in the programming layer, however it is a big leap forward for the design layer.


Hot: SVG + JavaScript on Canvas

Cold: Flash

Since JavaScript layer has the ability to do much of the same, developers are now cheering at the end of the Flash era.

Hot: Game frameworks

Cold:  Native game development

With the game frameworks game development has become rather easy. Nowadays developers don’t have to deal with the details and can thus concentrate on the game play, narrative arc, characters, and art.


Hot: Mobile Web apps

Cold:  Native mobile apps

Suppose you have a great idea for some mobile content. Earlier you had to write separate versions for iOS, Android, Windows 8, and maybe even BlackBerry OS. Back then it required a separate team speaking a different programming language. Since the  HTML layer is getting faster and running on faster chips,  Mobile Web apps concept can compete with native apps better on even more complicated and interactive apps.




Some HOT programming trends and some that are going COLD