Whether it is for shopping, ordering food, hiring a cab or any activity, apps has made a strong and steady place. In fact; the apps gave progressed to make a ubiquitous presence. And this is also why staying up-to-date with the latest trends of app development has become more important than ever.

Here are the TOP app trends

Faster Mobile Development: Competition is fierce these days. And almost as an obvious next result companies are also going through a tough phase in pacing up with the demand. You can therefore expect to view advanced rapid app development tools as well as frameworks in the market.

Apps driven with cloud technology: Booming cloud technology is expected to play a vital role here as well. The cloud approach will help developers to build functionality that can easily be used on different mobile devices

Security in Apps: As a matter of fact; security still stands as a big challenge in mobile applications. Security issues like insecure data storage, unintended leakage of data, broken cryptography etc. should be taken seriously.

Wearable Tech: There is a sudden boom in fashion and textile industry about adopting wearable technology. The encouragement to the development of cross-device applications stands as a newer trend.

Mobile Banking, Payments and M-Commerce: In fact; transferring money or buying things using a mobile phone is becoming as common as using credit or debit cards. Developers should develop mobile apps that can process transactions without needing cash or any physical cards.

User Experience tracking and prioritizing ThroughApp Analytics and Big Data: There’s no denying that modern businesses demand for instant insight into real time data and it should be taken into consideration when building an app.

HTML 5: Trends also suggest that HTML 5 and related development tools will gain huge popularity.

Mobile Gaming: Mobile has broken the pits and boundaries and nowadays include multi-player-gaming. With the rise of such games integration of social media onto gaming feature has become significant. Moreover it can also be safely said that mobile games will increasingly be driven by cloud technology. This means it is now all about creating the sync between different devices involved in the same game or to sync between different users that are taking part in the same game.


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