Of course Drupal stands as the most popular content management system in the industry. For the uninitiated; it is also Software as a service (Saas) solution that can be used by organizations regardless of their sizes

Here we will look at the benefits of Drupal application development.

It is affordable and is also available easily: Drupal is open source. It is also easily available and the best part is Drupal is highly customizable. There exist thousands of Drupal modules and it is also trusted by several organizations globally. Drupal provides high value solutions as well as robust security.

Big technical support team: Possibly you know this already; a huge team of full time developers are working on Drupal full-time. What does this mean for you? Simple. You get the unwavering backing of people who genuinely care about its functionality and performance.

You get Multi-language support: Yes; it’s true that Drupal offers support for more than 150 languages.

Powerful, high performance and modern platform: Drupal has steadily become the high performance business tools for web application development. Its advantages thus include –  scalability and constant updating of the software.

No restrictions: Believe it or not; Drupal doesn’t have quite a number of the restrictions of older CMS software. It is ideal for web design owing to its flexibility and features

Developing is quicker with Drupal: In the ever changing technology field it is vital to be faster than competitors. And this is where Drupal clearly wins

It works well on mobiles: With Drupal you don’t have to actually worry about issues such as user experience, customization, optimization because Drupal is specifically designed to effectively address all the mobile environment requirements.

It offers well documented API’s: Drupal provides you with well documented API’s thus making the job of developers simpler and more effective.

Not just these, Drupal also offers you the ultimate freedom to leverage Social Media the most. It helps you easily connect with other web entities. It offers robust support for social media integration and also provides with easy connection capabilities to other sites and services.

Do you still need reasons to switch to Drupal for your next web application development project?



Drupal web application development – A closer look at the advantage

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