With the rapid increase of smartphone and tablets the importance of mobile-friendly websites has also gained attention. If SEO is the core component of your digital marketing strategy, having a mobile–friendly website is your best option

Look up and around and you will be amazed to find the fact that mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales. In fact mobile Internet usage has overtaken the desktop internet usage. Research suggests 70% of users claim they are more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website. It’s thus high time that companies that rely on SEO begin making the transition to mobile-friendly websites and responsive web design specifically.

The argument between whether to choose a responsive website or a separate mobile website is a highly debated. In fact both options have their pros and cons and the option that is best for your business depends on many factors for instance the purpose of the website, target audience, and also on the SEO factor.

If SEO is a factor, consider these 3 reasons why responsive web design is the best option

Reason 1: It is recommended by Google: Accept the fact; when Google speaks, search marketers listen and now Google has clearly stated that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration. This is because responsive design sites have one URL and the same HTML, regardless of device, which makes it easier and more efficient for Google to crawl, index, and organize content.

Reason 2: Just one Website and so many devices: Indeed this is definitely one of the most appealing aspects of responsive web design as it can provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes.

Reason 3: Much easy to manage:  Managing a separate desktop and mobile site requires separate SEO campaigns whereas managing one site and one SEO campaign is far easier. This is the key advantage that a responsive website has over a separate mobile site.

Conclusion: Yes! Responsive web design is the best option for your mobile SEO strategy.

Guess what; Responsive Web Design is the Best Option for Mobile SEO Strategy