Mobility has gained tsunami of attention and has greatly influenced our lives. Whether it’s shopping or finding a delicious meal in your area, picking up the device has become the smartest choice whatsoever.

In fact this also proves how essential smartphones have become for users. Moving at the lightning speed mobile technology overwhelms people with their ever changing trends and innovations.

Let’s take look at the most recent trends

Quicker Development: This stands as the most obvious trends. In today’s competitive environment, companies attempt to launch app as soon as they can. In fact the gap between ideation and launch is insignificant in today’s time. Almost as an obvious next result; rapid launch aids has been the most popular trend of mobile app development!

Secure Apps: Hacking had been a concern hence security is the most important thing in the visual world. It won’t be an overstatement if said, security has become a dire need in the recent mobile app development trends.

Wearable Technology: Yes; we need to applause the Apple Watch because since its launch, wearable technology has become the talk of the town. The fact of the matter is; the sheer possibility of the latest wearable technology can  change the way we work and communicate. Of course; it will have a lot of influence on our performance and productivity.

Finally; cloud technology has been playing a significant role and has been influencing the app development segment. With the inventions of the latest smart phones and wearable technology, app developers now need to work more seriously on integrating all of this for a smooth user experience.

Tips @ a glance for fledging app developer

  • Make the text large enough to read.
  • Contrast should be very high
  • Include as few words as you can.
  • A familiar word is better than an unfamiliar icon.
  • Make screens simple
  • Reduce irrelevant choices
  • Avoid a navigation pickle of too many clicks to perform a function.
  • Use a neutral background






Latest changes in mobile app development

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