Yes; you have got that right; navigating through the grocery store is the same as navigating through a website!


Make Website Navigation Easy

The home page should quickly communicate what you offer and what users can do on your website.

With just a casual glance at the website the visitors should be able determine what your website is all about. Needless to say; your navigation is the key part of answering that question.

Quite ideally therefore; having a navigation menu, which points visitors to an about us, Products, Services, and Contact is important.

A tip? Use common language in navigation. In fact we often get asked to use industry jargon or quirky terminology in navigation, but we strongly discourage it.

DO NOT make your visitors try and decipher the navigation menu. Either make it easy on them or get ready to lose them.


Provide a pleasant experience

The goal of web design and development should be providing a pleasant experience that offers concrete information and answers a visitor’s questions.

The website should persuade visitors to do something such as fill out a contact form, buy a product, request a service, or download a report.


Take a look at your website & assess how effective is your navigation?

It’s pretty obvious that you may have clear idea where your content is and how you can interact with it. However is this apparent to your website visitors?

Assess whether the home page and navigation give website visitors an idea of the – who, what, and why of you!

Not sure? Take a step back and look at from an outsider’s perspective.


If you’re still not, head over to Google Analytics and look at your bounce rate. It works.

Make Website Navigation Easy

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