Have you noticed the change? For those raising eyebrows in anticipation, we are talking about one of the biggest trends – the image centric marketing in social media. According to Trend Reports, between 65 and 85 percent of people describe themselves as visual learners. This clearly suggests the paradigm shift from traditional text-based marketing to engaging video marketing trends.

Visitors digest information more easily by viewing an image instead of reading text. In fact images render you an edge over competitors who mainly publish written content. Keep this in mind when optimizing your social media marketing campaign.

Let’s see how pictures can be implemented in your social media marketing campaign

It Captures Immediate Attention

On most of the cases people have a limited attention span. In today’s web world where data can quickly become overwhelming, people have to pick and choose among plenty of content options. When there is a lengthy post with nothing but text, it can turn many visitors off. Honestly; readers don’t have much time for it.

Incorporating images is a natural way to grab attention. Images thus are the perfect motivating force to encourage visitors to stick around.

It gives people time to stop and think

Of course written texts can be persuasive however when strategically laid with some well-placed images the post becomes further persuasive

Leverage the power of social media sites that are image-focused.


Pinterest: Pinterest revolves around the concept of exchanging ideas via visual content.

Take a hard look at the site and you will be amazed to see that the success of Pinterest lies in its simplicity and aesthetic appeal.

It clearly focuses on a clean, light colored background with pins that feature images and videos.

It makes sense to mention here that Pinterest has also made great efforts for ensuring that Promoted Pins enhance not only brand awareness and sales for businesses, but at the same time benefit user experience as well.


Instagram: According to Free World Media, Instagram is growing faster than what Twitter and Facebook originally did.

The concept is fun. It encourages a high level of interaction between companies and consumers. It’s also the perfect tool for branding and building rapport with consumers.

All you have to do is to give them a firsthand look into your company and employees.


Tumblr: Although it’s possible to create a variety of content however the large percentage is image based here.  Tumblr is an effective way to showcase a product or service.

Businesses that are aiming the young audience, this network is simply the gold mine.



Power of Images! 2015 Social Media Marketing Trend