To quote Marketing Guru Seth Godin: “If you hire a professional, hire a great one. The best one. Let her do her job. 10 mediocre website consultants working in perfect harmony can’t do the work of one rock star.”

Honestly; that’s definitely not that easy as it sounds! In fact just a casual Google search on the keyword “Web Design Company” will return 450,000,000 results (approx)! And within these tough competitions you need to choose not only the best but the remarkable one. You need to choose a professional company that can add a signature to your online identity.

With this comes the next important question – how as the business owner you will determine that the web design company you are considering will provide you excellent service? Learn how to evaluate the potential web designers prior you hire them.

Tip 1: First, take a look at their corporate website. Take a serious look and assess the following

  • Do you think that their site looks professional?
  • Do you feel that their website design style required tailored work?
  • Or does it look like the basic template that Tom, Dick and Harry can built?
  • Do they have a detail portfolio?
  • Can you find a contact us page and an option of Live Chat?

If you think all these is in place then shortlist the site.


Tip 2: Check their service page. Read testimonials. Check their case studies if any. Now identify a service of the company which you like and then contact them Via E mail or chat! Here’s a tip for you – do not place a call as a phone can be answered at anytime and you may not know that the person may be taking a stroll at the park and answering the call!  To be effective the professional designers need to be on their systems to complete their work. Therefore live chat responses are a great ways to get an initial glimpse of the professionalism of the company.

Tip 3: Do not shy away from asking questions. Ask in detail about design process and how it works. Do they send a brief questionnaire to the client? Otherwise it is almost next to impossible to represent the client’s desire through the graphic work.

Tip 4: Now look at the prices. If the price tag matches your budget and if you are comfortable with the particular web design company then it’s time to get your website and logo designed by the professionals.


Lot of skill and planning are involved into a website design project and only a professional website design company can be well worth the investment.






Professional website Design Company can be well worth the investment