Figures can’t lie – more than 70% of the mobile users in the world use Android. Yes; it’s fact. As things stand now; Android app development stands as crucial element to any business in this Android era.

In fact; customized Android app development can work wonders. Leveraging the wide range of tools and latest technologies the app developers design and develop customized applications that are scalable and powerful, flexible and feature rich for any android devices. It goes without saying that if you do not have advanced technical and coding knowledge and if you are still trying to create mobile apps on your own then you are actually doing more harm than any good.

The best approach should be hiring seasoned, skilled, experienced, professional and qualified app developer – who would be able to design customized applications as per clients’ requirements with ease.

Please note; here is no point in believing that every developer have the same levels of sincerity, proficiency, and commitment levels.

So; here are a few things to note before recruiting an app developer

Experience – experience and experience: Make no mistake- youngsters can be  amazing developers. However, if you are looking for professional app development, it is alwaysadvisable that you select someone with at least 3-4 years of practical industry experience.

Select an app developer who is familiar with all mobile platforms: Honestly; it does not make sense to hire a developer who is not familiar with the features of all the mobile application platforms. Ensure that the developer you hire is at ease with developing apps for Blackberry devices, iphones, Android phones and even ipads.

Take a closer look at the developer’s work: Alongside ascertaining the developer’s experience, you should also find out the quality of the developer’s work till date as well. Inquire about some of the apps that they have developed and also do a short background check on them.

The developer you hire should be able to think beyond coding: Take it in writing, an experienced and successful developer should also have a clear vision of how their creations are going to benefit the end-users. Keep in mind; proficiency in coding is necessary however that’s not always sufficient for making the  developer really suitable.

App-monetization: Yes; this is one of the most important aspect. In fact the developer you select should be able to incorporate appropriate monetization and pricing plans for the applications.

Promotion of the apps: This is a vital aspect. Albeit app-promotion is typically done by specialized online marketers, however the app developer has to take up the charge of making it available on the Play Store. As a developer the professional should have a clear idea about the steps involved and keep a tab on the approval status/download figures of the applications.

Consider the Ownership issues: Right from the beginningyou need to make it clear that  once developed, the app would become the property of your organization. This means the developer you hire would not retain any intellectual rights for the same.

Yes; a good developer can do wonders and you need to factor in the above pointers while selecting one.




Recruiting an app developer? A few considerations …

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