Let us drive to the point straightaway – it’s time to consider website Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Yes; many first and second generation websites are a decade old and are therefore designed with little to no thought about website optimization.

When we say website optimization we necessarily mean it in terms of both search engine optimization and user engagement optimization.

So what is web optimization and why is it needed?

Tell us – what good is a website if it is not found in the search engines? What good is a website if it does not provide the user engagement?

Honestly; in some cases not having a website is probably better than having a website design that is poor and does not provide any user engagement.

As a matter of fact; website optimization stands as the process of designing a website that is visually appealing and simple to use and developed with search engine optimization best practices.

Needless to say; if your website is less than stellar, your company is at a competitive disadvantage. Hence one of the most direct ways to improve your company’s brand reputation is to make sure that your organization’s website is visually impressive, intuitive and interesting to visit.

So; what to Look for When Redesigning a Website?

Based on the industry and on the level of competition, a website redesign can be fairly straight forward or fairly complex

Establish a baseline: Research your competitors. Do your homework and discuss with management those websites that are liked and those that are not.

When researching the competitors, try to understand why some competitors rank well and why others cannot.

Contact more than one digital marketing agencies to discuss their approach, past and price. Take notes and ask questions.

Ask for references. Yes; this is important as the best way to understand the capabilities of a design agency is to speak with previous and current clients.

If you are still in dilemma, ask for a website review, or audit, from the short list of agencies being considered.

A TIP: In most of the cases, reputable agencies will provide a FREE website evaluation. This is a smart way to  understand current website issues and solutions.


SEO Web design and traditional web development – A discussion

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