Social media is now all the rage and so is the concept of social media web design.

“Even a blade of grass will be used as a weapon by the wise” – yes that’s what social media web design is all about.

In fact one interesting fact about web 2.0 web design is, the  concept has made many less popular websites get a refreshing new look. Yes; it has helped sites in becoming popular all of a sudden. So what’s making social media web design so much popular? The reason behind the sudden increase in popularity of the web 2.0 styled websites however lies in the interactivity and liveliness of the pages.

Does that ring the bell? Yes; the conventional web design with static images and with less input from the user is now history.

It is after all a brand new look. A whole refreshing design. This new web design with the web 2.0 concept offers some interactive stuff like finding like minded people and sharing thoughts.

Also; its capability in attracting visitors with the glossy graphics is a huge plus. If like many you are also looking for ways to attract more visitors, it is high time to start web design with the web 2.0 concept in mind to turns heads.

Let’s take web design cues from Facebook and YouTube

Okay tell me – what’s the first thing you notice about the Facebook site? It includes only two colors – calming blue and white. Aside from this simple and clean color scheme, the design of the site’s navigation is user-friendly, easy to operate and comprehend.

It also features an easily locatable help section, as well as a search box that will display comprehensive results

The Facebook “like” application on the other hand encourage the easy sharing of information. Facebook also supports sharing videos and polls and all these and much more make the site an interactive, entertaining and informative social experience.

YouTube is yet another addictive social media sharing site. In fact the site has succeeded due to its user-friendly website design. Alongside its entertaining content, the functionality and accessibility of its web design are worth taking a look.

Well; one of the most useful things that YouTube has taught is that fun, interactive and search engine friendly content almost always gives an edge over your competitors.

Yes; there’s something really cool with the big fonts, with the extra-large sized banner, with the glossy images that are very common the websites of today!



Social media web design! What’s that anyway?