Yes; it may happen. Often you may get carried away and only focus on all the little details while sometimes you might have t see the project from a holistic perspective. Following these simple steps will help you to stay on track with multiple projects simultaneously and thus allows for state of the art design process overall.

Step 1: Understand the project: Before even starting the design work, understand what the project is really about. Understand the function of the business and also consider the fact as what the end user should get out of it. Do not let your design overrule functionality. It is often common amongst designers to ‘jump’ on a project not understanding and not seeing the goal. Sure, by doing so you may reach that goal, but only via a much longer route and it will also involve a lot of changes. Understanding the business and almost imagining the final piece in your head – will let you go through a healthier process.

Step 2: Communicate your idea right: As a designer, communicating ideas clearly will help you to eliminate lot of questions and feedback sessions. It is good to present your work step by step. Show the individual components, explain the thinking behind each one, show how each of the element works, and show the framework and the main user interactions. Finally show the entire page with all components coming together.

Step 3: Consider the framework: Whether you design for web, mobile or TV, think about the framework. Also consider the main user interaction first when you kick off a project. Take cues from apps even if you design for the web. Who knows your site can consist only of five templates instead of 20!

Step 4: Do not lose the enthusiasm: yes; you should keep finding work exciting. It’s easy to lose your enthusiasm along the way. So if you’re bored working on the homepage, go ahead and come up with the most innovative Terms and Conditions ever designed.

Step 5: Aim for with pixel-perfect design: Of course; the bar has been set high by leading brands. As an obvious result users can easily distinguish between a poorly executed design and a well-executed one. Although they might not spot the missing pixels, but they will catch the overall look and feel. So aim for with pixel-perfect design


Steps to stay on track with multiple projects simultaneously