Of course; web application has made it easy for people to start using the types of apps that they need for work and personal purposes. However the fact also remains intact that easier access to apps doesn’t guarantee a better experience.

For deriving effective and seamless performance from web application development there are some important rules that need to be followed.

Here are the best kept secrets you need to know:

Use Tooltips: as a matter of fact; with the whole range of web development tools which are available, it’s hard to overemphasize the usefulness of tooltips. It may seem like a minor element of a web app, they can go a long way in creating a great experience.

Do not assume that users will remember: Often the web application developer assume that users will remember specific pieces of information. Any quality app should take care of automatically filling in relevant information for users.

Your web application should provide multiple options: when it comes to the point pf effective web application development, it makes sense to provide multiple options.

Use popups sparingly: Modal popups are useful in driving attention to exactly what you want however plenty of apps overuse this feature. As a result, users to feel frustrated.

Status messages should communicate genuinely:  For many web applications there are certain actions that may require some extra time to complete. Although it may not be possible to reduce the amount of time needed however it is still possible to reduce users’ perception of how long it takes. And the key to do this successfully is by  making sure that status messages communicate genuinely useful information.

Utilize Scrolling: The common concern with mobile website development is the smaller screen. However; as long as you try and grab the ultimate users’ attention and give them a compelling reason to scroll down, that’s exactly what they will do.


Tips for better web application development

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