Conventional web design with static images and with less input from the user is dead. Time to celebrate a brand new look.

In fact we have seen many social networking sites to gain quick popularity while others are simply forgotten. Now is the ideal time to look into the successful social networks for some unique web design tips.

Here are 5 main points to be noted

Learning from other’s mistakes. As briefed earlier, while many websites like Facebook, Myspace etc have gained popularity; a few other websites of the same kind have simply disappeared. It is necessary therefore to learn from others mistakes.

Keep in mind; overloading your website with heavy graphics is a costly yet one of the most common mistakes. Yes; loading the website with heavy graphics will simply end up in longer load times and this will simply make the visitors quit from the page. Takeaway? Make the web design simple and user friendly.

Make an extra effort to increase the interactivity of your Social Networking website. Remember; it to a great extent depends on the effective web design to make the visitors spend some time in your site. In order to attract visitors and to make the site sticky interactive stuff must be added to the social networking website. The social networking software come in handy here.

Be unique. Yes; make your site as unique as possible. Take every possible step to provide visitors something that the similar networks haven’t offered.

Also make sure that the unique offerings at your social networks are useful at the same time.

Consider the privacy of your social networking site. In today’s web world people are more concerned about privacy than they were ever before.

It is therefore essential for your social networking web design to ensure optimal privacy of the visitors




Tricks and Tips of Social Networking Web Design