There is no escape from the fact that website design and development will cost you money. You perhaps know that well. In fact almost all the entrepreneurs know this pretty well. In fact all the entrepreneurs who eventually had a frustrating time with getting their businesses online perhaps also knew this. Still; what did they do wrong? What can you learn from their mistakes?

Here are a few things we found out most first-time online businesses did wrong.

Unclear and Non-objective Online Goals: Yes; this is one of the striking reasons why first time online business may fail. Before hiring any ask yourself –

  • What do you want to achieve with your website?
  • Will it be the front for your offline business?
  • Do you want to meet certain sales goals with the website?
  • Will you be promoting your new products and services?

Before you sign above the dotted lines with a web development company, be clear about the online goals you want to achieve.

Nail the Hiring Hacks & Save Money: Yes; we know; being economical is a survival skill for any entrepreneur however sad but true sometimes economic decisions can be bad for your company.  For example; amateur designers may quote you less money for the design and development  work compared to a professional web development company. However think from a holistic point of view – For the additional money you will get professionally designed website, intuitively made and bug tested on a wide range of devices – these are certainly the things, which you will never ever have from an amateur

Ignoring SEO Part Can Be A Costly Mistake: Keep in mind; SEO cannot be an afterthought, and absolutely not when you are starting out with a new online asset. SEO is an absolute prerequisite to make your business visible on search engines.

Unreliable Website Hosting Services: That’s right;  a good website is of no use if it is not online. Look for a web hosting provider that guarantees 99% up time or more.

Takeaway? Reach out to an established web development company in order to get the ultimate smooth experience.


Web development pitfalls – attention entrepreneurs! Watch out for these

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