Whole range of new content, in the form of applications is shifting us away from the traditional way we consume such content. Indeed the days of the missing remote are disappearing fast or to be precise the days of using a remote control are disappearing altogether.

The app store phenomenon, centered on smartphones and tablets, still remains the biggest story in software.

And now the good news is it has finally found its destination at the living room, via smart TVs and set-top boxes.

Innovation in the TV space was therefore inevitable. Yes; TV is ripe for app-led innovation. As a matter of fact the old guard, represented by cable and Entertainment Corporation, will not be able to fend off user experience and innovations like those that apps are ushering in to the mobile phones.

Here are a few tips to consider for staying ahead of the curve.

Be Proactive: Apps developers must innovate and invest in a broad range of new skills and technologies to enable the client to fully realise these opportunities. App solution companies must take the initiative and continue to innovate, complementing raw performance and functionality with advanced technologies such as 3D graphics and augmented reality (AR).

Begin with the end in mind: Set the ultimate objectives of the app. Goals can include brand awareness, information access, extension of existing services and revenue generation.

Put first things first: The next stage is to plan and prioritize the project tasks.

Consider the market:

  • There are some 800 million pay TV households worldwide, according to MRG.
  • In US and UK, the average person still spends more than four hours per day watching TV
  • TV also still represents the majority of worldwide ad spending: $350 billion last year
  • TV also represents 63% of all ad spending, according to research report

The app stores are now stocked with well-curated collections of great software.



Attention Developers – Now Invest Your time in Smart TV Apps
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