As things stand now accessibility to data and applications is now an important feature on mobile phones. Enterprise Mobility solutions to build custom mobile apps require a combination of technology, experience and much more.

Some of the obvious benefits of going mobile include:

  • Improvement in customer service
  • Increasing time spent in field
  • Reduction in paperwork
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Information at your fingertips

As a matter of fact few of the common examples of applications, which can be thus customised, include few of the following aspects

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Field Force Automation
  • Hotel and Travel Applications
  • Customization can be minor or major
  • Depending on the requirement.

It’s time to make an app multi-platform

Of course; mobile apps can be built for a variety of mobile platforms such as iPhone,  Blackberry, Google Android,  Symbian and so on. We all know this; an app that functions on a Blackberry may not be ready for an Android Platform. You would need to customize the app for the new platform.

Make the app operator-ready

It makes sense to mention here that you should also test some off-the-shelf apps in specific operator environments.

Create a new app for an Enterprise Mobility Solution

You should include mobility for an existing enterprise application. As a matter of fact creating a new app for an enterprise mobility solution will involve creating a custom mobile application for a specific set of platforms, integration with back-end systems and deployment on the mobile operator.

Consider Feature Customization

Even off-the-shelf apps need to be customised for features based on specific enterprise needs.

Facts @ a glance

Custom mobile app solutions need to be well-thought out and then implemented.

You should consider any necessary process tweaks and corrections for better efficiency to ensure that the final solution is effective.

The app you make thus should support for multiple mobile platforms and mixed platforms.

Multi-operator testing is must to ensure that the application functions across operators in different countries.

What you should know about custom mobile application development