Indeed; in today’s age of Yelp and Foursquare, there is hardly any business left that consumers don’t checkout online prior visiting their brick and mortar counterpart.Breaking the pits and boundaries of hotels and restaurants nowadays it is applicable to almost any and every industry retail, entertainment and even health care.

Look up and around and you will be amazed to find the growing number of Yelp listings for medical facilities. Yes; it shows just how competitive the health care market is. Needless to say it is now essential to have a quality medical website design ready to convert potential patients.

Only a well planned website can provide a significant source of revenue for medical facilities

Whether you’re a local cardiologist, a surgeon or a dentist implementing basic best practices for a user’s online experience will ensure positive brand interactions.

  • Welcoming and reassuring messaging
  • Abundant contact opportunities
  • Reliable information

Yes, these are the key areas to mull over when designing medical websites.

Of course there are a number of things which you can implement to improve your medical web design. Here are few important factors which medical websites in particular should NEVER do:

AVOID using stock photos – Beautiful stock photos can make a pretty homepage, but hardly says anything about the character of your organization. The bottom line is you need to earn the trust from patients. A tip? Well; by putting your actual physicians and actual facilities on display, you can speak volumes about the quality of your care and about your professional service level.

STAY AWAY from posting fake reviews – that’s a costly mistake! Rather start by reaching out to long-time patients who may send some goodwill your way. A tip? Setting up a strong email marketing campaign integrated with your CRM will allow you to send messages to new clients and thus prompting them to give a review as well.

For a successful medical website include –

Services Tab: This should be prominently displayed towards the upper part of the website

Before and After Photos: These will serve to substantiate all that you have claimed under the Services column

Contact Form: Include a contact form in your medical website design to help people to schedule an appointment

Patient Testimonials and Reviews: Remember; patient testimonials and reviews are the most effective alternative promotional measures.

News and Media: If you have it, flaunt it!  If you have been in the news, flaunt your news.


Attention medical websites – These are the things which you should never do!