Do I need an app or should I focus on a mobile website? – Well the staggering question remains unanswered. However it is impossible to answer this in one simple line. When deciding on whether your business needs a mobile app or a mobile website you need to consider a number of aspects.

There is no hiding from the fact that ranging from accessibility to speed, from cost to user preference there are in fact a lot to consider before you sign above the dotted line.


Basic Principles

Okay so here’s the ‘mantra’ to ponder. When you are in dilemma between a responsive website and a mobile app, ask yourself the most obvious question – do I want my content to be accessible through mobile browsers? If the answer is “yes”, then consider a responsive website first and if “no” then a mobile app might make more sense.

Possibly you know this already; responsive websites require an internet connection and navigational user interface that reflects your overall website design. On the other hand the mobile app can be accessed after installation without using an internet connection. Moreover; apps tend to have an interactive user interface which enables you to do mobile-only things like push navigations.


What Users Prefer From Each Medium

Yes; you should understand what your customers are looking for from your mobile platform. This is indeed a great way to help decide whether a mobile app or a mobile website is better for your business.

For instance if you have an audience that is simply trying to connect with your business and get just the business information, a mobile website makes more sense. Quite on the other hand; if you feel that your target audience is trying to search for your products or services, if they are interested to shop or entertain themselves, a mobile app is almost certainly the way to go.


The Ultimate Deciding Factor

Last but not the least; choosing between a mobile app and a responsive website comes down to what goals your business is trying to achieve.





Mobile apps OR a mobile website? – The development dilemma!
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