What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is an open source web application framework. CakePHP follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework and is written in PHP. CakePHP one of the best platform to create a CakePHP Web Development. CakePHP makes building your web applications faster, simpler, structured and require of-course less code.We can create Responsive websites easily with great functionalities and flexibility of CakePHP features.

Why CakePHP is Best?

Build your web application quickly

CakePHP allows web developers to build their web applications quickly, its because CakePHP uses code generation and scaffolding features and which rapidly build its prototypes. This helps developers to build an web application easily with out writing much lines of codes and saves development time aswell.

More Powerful

The powerful features of CakePHP is its relational
mapping provided by the model. In CakePHP, the links b/w tables are
handled through its associations.

Object-relational mapping (ORM)

Object-relational mapping (ORM) helps in CakePHP conventions. If we followed CakePHP conventions standards, We can easily connect DB tables together through CakePHP ORM. And we only need to write MySQL codes rarely.

Built-in features

The things that we commonly used to develop a web application like translations, database access, validation, caching, authentication, and much more are all built into one of the original PHP MVC frameworks.


Security of a CakePHP Web Development is more important than its development. CakePHP comes with built-in tools for input validation, CSRF protection, Form tampering protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS prevention, helping you keep your application safe & secure.

No Configuration

In CakePHP there is not having any complicated XML or YAML files. Just we need to setup database and we are ready to bake.


CakePHP is licensed under the MIT license which makes it perfect for use in commercial applications.


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Why CakePHP is popular for Web Application development