Web development typically involves the practice and the process of developing highly secured web applications that are equally user friendly. But it is also important to mention that with the rise in technology and with the tremendous growth in the development process web applications essentially incorporates varying risk levels. Almost as an obvious result malicious attacks are quite common these days due to certain errors that web developers make when developing the applications.

As a webmaster it is therefore essentially important to make sure that you get website application development from a reliable and reputed source

Here are some of the common security errors to mull over

CSS (Cross-site scripting): Remember; this is a threatening attack and it allows significant execution of the script available in your browser. This, in turn, can cause hijacking of user sessions and deface websites. The primary reason that cause this error has a direct relation with inappropriate validation of data for user-supply.

CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery): It typically involves the attack of some malicious sites on visitors’ session which lures and compels them to carry out a distinctive action on their site. As a responsible webmaster you can essentially protect your site by using a single token for an individual user.

SQL injection: It is important to mention about this malicious attack that exploits validation of insufficient input. It also acquires access of the shell on your server of database.

Phishing attack: That’s right; this is one of the major web attacks that may affect a bulk of sites. In order to avoid such attacks, as a responsible webmaster you should only use one significant and valid URL for login.

In today’s world of unpredictability, it is  now a necessity for web developers to ensure superior level of security throughout the entire process of web development.

Make sure that there is a development team, not just one person. So; here are a few aspects to consider when hiring php web Development Company

Take a look at their portfolio – Of course; a company’s web design portfolio is the best way to be sure that the company develops state of the art websites. The web development company India thus should have no problem walking you through examples of websites they have built in the past.

Customer Service – Make sure you find a company that will take your calls and makes updates to your website in a timely fashion.

Testimonials & References – it is always recommended to ask for testimonials and reference when looking for the best web design company




Talking about some important web development securities