There is hardly any way to deny that Magento eCommerce website development has witnessed a revolution. With a whole range of  extensions that are available these days has made Magento the ultimate platform which can be tailored as well to suit your marketing needs.

We all know this; Magento extensions help in modifying  your online store for creating that ultimate user friendly, secured and exemplary shopping experiences for your customers. While some of these extensions are available for free, for some you need to pay a few bucks however all of them add some value to your website.

With this comes the next important question – with more than thousands pf free and paid magento extensions to choose from how do you know, which one to choose? Which will be beneficial for your store?

Here are a few pointers that will help you in the selection process

Define your purpose: Your online store might need some specific features to do certain specific task such as to run a sales campaign, or to run a discount offer etc. This is where the extensions come into play. You can select the right extension only by defining what exactly you need. First try to define what your online store wants only then go out in search of the right extension.

Know about the extension: Once you are sure about your want, shortlist a few extensions. This could be easily achieved by hiring professionals.

Try out the extension free: If you are in doubt try it.  You should try it in a test environment to understands how it works and match its features to your requirements.

Check out the functionalities: Get to know the functionalities better. Also; read the instructions thoroughly and ensure that the solution you are aiming at suits your web store’s need.

Read customer reviews: As they say the best wat of knowing a product is by reading customer review.

Of course; the Magento market is very competitive. It is therefore recommended that you buy products that are tried, tested and have a good review.



Tips to choose extensions for Magento E commerce development

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